Bates Panorama Video

1959 Bates Oregon photo restoration Process

This is a video showing my restoration process for a 1959 Bates Oregon panorama photo.  I started with a poor-quality black-and-white photo that had been created from 3 photos that were taped together to create a panorama.  I repaired the corners that were missing, added a sky and skyline that were blown out or missing, repaired the seams within the panorama, then proceeded to add color and texture to the entire photo.  The end result is not perfect but much better than the original.  The entire process to repair and colorize the photo, extract the individual step photos, create and render the video, uploading the video to Youtube, then posting it on my website and social media was about 12.5 hours.  A large amount of time and effort for one photo, but I believe it was worth it.

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