Bates Oregon

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Bates Oregon is a place that will always live in the hearts of many people. Not only the folks that lived there but also the people from surrounding communities who knew of and visited it frequently. Even though Bates is gone today, it lives on in the hearts and souls of many, myself included.

The population of Bates grew to as many as 400 until 1975 when the area was logged out. The population slowly decreased until everyone was gone. The buildings were either dismantled or moved into Prairie City or surrounding communities. We ended up with the Bates school bus barn that we moved to our property on Dixie mountain and made it into a shop in the late 70's. I can remember our school bus pulling off to the side of the road on multiple occasions to let the buildings go by on their way to Prairie City. In later years some were used as classrooms for the PC high school. Below are photos that others have provided and that I have collected over the years. I do not own them, I cherish them and love to see the smiles they bring to the folks that look at them. I am one of those people!

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