Rabbit Manure for Sale!

Rabbit Manure for Sale!

Unlike other "HOT" manures/fertilizers that must be aged or composted before you can use them, Rabbit poop is a "COLD Manure / Fertilizer" which means that it can be added directly on top of, or mixed into the soil of your garden or house plants without burning the roots. This is because the nutrients are released slowly and therefore last longer than other manure/fertilizers and you would need less of it.

Rabbit manure/fertilizer has four times more nutrients than cow or horse manure and is twice as rich as chicken manure. It contains:

1.97% Nitrogen - Rabbit manure is extremely high in nitrogen. Plants need nitrogen to produce lush green growth. Nitrogen helps plants grow greener and stronger and helps the plant reach its full growth potential.
0.59% Phosphorus - Rabbit manure is also higher in phosphorus than other manures. It helps with the conversion of solar energy to chemical energy. This in turn helps with better plant growth. Phosphorus helps plants withstand stress. Phosphorus in the plant soil helps to create more and larger blossoms and helps with flowering, fruiting, and root growth in general.

0.67% Potassium - Potassium helps with the quality of fruit and reduces disease. Plants will not grow without it. Potassium is used as an enzyme to produce proteins and sugars and helps to control water content.

Rabbit manure also contains other beneficial elements such as: Manganese, Magnesium, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper, and Cobalt.  These are all important for growing and maintaining lush healthy plants.
Our rabbit manure is filtered to remove most of the hay, hair, and clumps (Not that they hurt anything).  It is great to add to your garden or in your house plants.  Rabbit manure generally has less odor than other manures and can be added as-is or mixed directly on top of, or in with your soil without any other treatment or preparation.  It is one of the best fertilizers that you can use to generate healthy happy crops or plants.  It improves poor soil structure, drainage, and moisture retention while improving the life cycle of microorganisms in the soil.

Rabbit Poop FAQs:

Can you put too much rabbit poop in your garden?
Rabbit manure contains more nitrogen than many other types of animal manure. Even though the nitrogen is released very slowly, it's highly recommended that you don't overdo it. Too much nitrogen in the soil can lead to excess foliage at the expense of fruits and flowers.
Can you put Rabbit Poop directly on your plants?
How often do you fertilize with rabbit poop?
Is rabbit poop good for my vegetable garden?
Is rabbit poop toxic to pets?

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