What is Homesteading?

"Homesteading" is a very broad term that has different meanings to different people and has been interpreted in various ways over the years.  Therefore, I believe that the meaning comes down to the vision, values, and priorities of the person(s) that are homesteading.  For example, homesteading to one person may be as simple as raising chickens or growing a garden in their backyard while for others it may mean leaving the convenience of modern urban living to embrace a lifestyle where you not only grow your own garden but raise livestock and live totally self-sufficiently off-grid.  The rest of the homesteaders will fit somewhere in between these two.
To us, the term "Homesteading" is a way of life and is more than just raising chickens or living on a farm. It is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and the need to rely on as few outside resources as possible. Of course, we are always going to have certain items that require us to step outside our bubble such as healthcare, medicines, fuel, and anything that we are unable to create or effectively produce ourselves. There will always be this need for these and other items and therefore we will always be somewhat connected to the outside world and financial institutions to be able to acquire them in one way or another. It would not be an effective use of our time or resources to produce such things as flour, sugar, salt, and things that we commonly use on a daily basis so the need for money to purchase these staples is still a necessary evil. 
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