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Miniature Cabin Project

Welcome to the Miniature Cabin Project. This webpage, this blog, and the miniature cabins featured here were inspired by my Grandpa Butler who handmade a tiny log cabin (Pictured below) back in the 1950's.  This little cabin was eventually handed down to my father where occasionally my brothers and I played with it as kids.  It was a very basic model with only square holes for windows and a plywood door that laid unfastened in the doorway.  It had a shingled roof but no floor.

Cabin built by Louis Butler (Grandpa)

Photo taken at Christmas in 1969
Throughout the years, the little cabin sat in our attic until Christmas came around where my Mother would take the cabin out of storage and decorate it with Christmas ornaments.  She would place it on cotton sheets and line the roof with cotton as well to simulate snow.  She cut a wreath from Christmas wrapping paper and taped it to the door.  Some years she would have a sleigh and reindeer on the roof and a Christmas tree inside.

I have so many memories of the little cabin but only a couple of pictures of it.  Over the many years and migration from our home on Dixie Mountain to Dad's new house in Prairie City, the cabin has been lost to history and now only exists in photos and memories.  As kids, Christmas back then was a magical time and was my favorite holiday of the year.  The cabin greatly contributed to the feeling of Christmas and to a time in history that can never be duplicated but will always be remembered. 

One day I decided that I would like to build a miniature cabin like the one that my Grandpa made but one with more detail and life-like.
I wanted to build one that was completely handmade with realistic features including hand-carved furniture and simulated glass windows.  I also wanted to build it out of materials that are readily accessible and cost-effective.  After several months of research and trial & error methods, I was able to do exactly that. 

Follow the blog to learn how I accomplished this and see photos through the various stages of the process.  I have decided to build and sell these little cabins through this website however, I am still fine-tuning the methods and processes to minimize the amount of time and cost.  If you are interested, you can join the community below or contact us from the "about page", I will send you an email when I am ready to open the webstore.
DISCLAIMER:  This miniature cabin project requires the use of power tools, sharp objects, and the brain capacity to use them properly and safely.  This and all articles on this website are for the purpose of entertainment and your viewing pleasure only!!  We under no circumstances recommend that you leave the safety of your armchair to attempt anything that you see here for any reason at any time!

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