Survival food in the wilderness

Survival food in the wilderness

The human body can survive for weeks without food depending on your health and body condition. You are far more likely to die of Hypothermia or Dehydration than you are from starvation. Nevertheless, it is always much easier to function efficiently with a fat belly. Calories are your best friend when it comes to addressing the tasks required to keep yourself alive and focused. In a perfect situation, an adult should acquire between 2000 and 3000 calories a day to maintain normal daily activities. Unfortunately, in a survival situation, this probably will not happen and you will be operating on far fewer calories than that. The reality is that even though you may be surrounded by wild animals, you will probably not be eating any of them unless you have a modern weapon and/or extensive experience and knowledge of primitive weapons, Traps, or Snares. If you wish to eat, you may need to resort to scavenging your food and will most likely be eating less appealing things that won't run from you such as berries, plants, and of course...bugs!

"The average adult needs 2000 and 3000 calories a day to maintain normal activities"

Just to give you an idea of how much 3000 calories really is:  100 grams of cricket contains 121 calories.  That means you would need to eat 2600 or five and a half pounds of crickets a day to maintain a 3000 calorie intake.  There are roughly 25 calories in a Dandelion plant, so you would need to eat approximately 120 of them a day to produce a 3000 calorie intake.  Realistically at this rate, you are not going to get anywhere close to 3000 calories a day but it all adds up and your goal to survive short-term is to intake more calories than you burn.  You never want to have a continuous deficit of calories, or you will eventually become a meal yourself.

Nature provides many resources that are right in front of you if you know what to look for and where to look for it.  With proper knowledge and education, you can actually eat pretty well if you close your eyes and swallow it quickly.  After all, you are just trying to survive long enough to either be rescued or to find your own way home.

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