About Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival is a combination of articles, photos, videos, short stories, memes, quotes, and other miscellaneous media that we find interesting and appealing.  Be sure to like and share any of them, and return often as we are adding to the website regularly.

DISCLAIMER:  Wilderness Survival for us is a skill and an art that we have learned and taught ourselves over the years.  This website is a medium where we can post our experiences, our adventures, and our thoughts. It is meant to be nothing more than a momentary distraction from life for the rest of the world.  We by no means suggest or recommend that anyone leave the safety of their armchair at any time.  The information provided on this website is meant for entertainment purposes only!  Furthermore, take this information for what it's worth.  ...Or stick it up your butt, I really don't care what you do with it but if you poke your eye out, keep it to yourself - Pain is for the weak!

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